Bottle Handling

Bottle handling with MOVIFIT®
MOVIFIT® is an innovative drive solution for applications in the beverage industry. The system makes optimum use of the available space at the machine, offering flexibility and reliability. Minimum maintenance work and simple handling in terms of operation and servicing mean you can be sure that your machines and equipment will work more efficiently right from the first time.

Bottle handling

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Schematic representation of bottle handling

Schematic representation of a roller conveyor for handling bottles. The application calls for velocity control. The frequency inverter is to be mounted close to the motor.

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    The following components are used:
  • MOVIFIT® FC with integrated frequency inverter (HygienicPlus design)
  • Each MOVIFIT® FC controls one standard gearmotor
  • Each MOVIFIT® FC controls two sensor signals and one actuator

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