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Flexibility is required when designing a suitable drive solution regardless of whether operators are selecting the drives, drive electronics or the technology. However, control technology is also needed to support this flexibility by allowing optimum access to the drive functionality.

The MOVI-PLC® controller integrated in the MOVIFIT® "Technology" function level offers control technology matched to the drive solutions. This is the SEW-EURODRIVE controller series, which offers the complete drive functionality by means of user-friendly function modules in an environment that can be programmed in accordance with IEC 61131. In other words, the controller comes equipped with the drive functionality required for the drive solutions – you can't get more flexible than that.

Efficient programming demands user-friendly function modules that enable fast and approved solutions. This is why ready-made application modules are available for MOVIFIT® with "Technology" function level. If required, they can be loaded into the MOVIFIT® "Technology" function level via MOVITOOLS® MotionStudio.


    The following application modules are currently available:
  • MOVIFIT® transparent mode
  • MOVIFIT® binary control
  • MOVIFIT® bus positioning for simple encoders (in preparation)
  • MOVIFIT® cam positioning

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