MOVIFIT® System Function Level

The System function level is based on the MOVIVISION® software. MOVIVISION® is a complete software framework with central data management for conveyor systems.

MOVIVISION® offers an easy-to-use interface with functions that reduce the workload for configuration, startup and maintenance considerably.

MOVIVISION® enables customers to configure, diagnose, startup and update their decentralized units from a central location. There is no need for programming with the easy-to-use MOVIVISION® concept; control takes place by setting parameters for the prepared, modularized, and standardized drive functions.


These functions are based on the years of experience SEW-EURODRIVE has in the materials handling industry; they make for cost-reducing standardization of the conveyor functions in a system. They are developed and tested by SEW-EURODRIVE. These functions are based on small conveyor units. Parameter setting is flexible and customers can adjust the functions to meet their specific requirements.

MOVIVISION® is a configuration and diagnostics system with a central database based on a client-server architecture.

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    Advantages of MOVIVISION®
  • Simple and standardized project planning, parameter setting, configuration and startup of a system without programming
  • Considerable time-saving factor during startup
  • Catalog of conveyor functions for reuse
  • Standardization of conveyor functions
  • Use of existing conveyor functions (e.g. elevating table, rotary table, trolley, points etc.) with corresponding parameter setting

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    A MOVIFIT® with System function level can be controlled in three different ways:
  • On the drive level:
    Simple control through a higher-level system controller without local control functions
  • On the axis level:
    Complex single-axis applications are realized locally in the MOVIFIT® (e.g. roller conveyors, eccentric hoists, etc.)
  • On the TecUnit level (in preparation):
    Complex multi-axis applications are realized locally in the MOVIFIT® (e.g. rotary table)


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